Second Anniversary Program Update

Sep 13, 2016 | Updates

We are proud to report that the Apprentice Program at Ramble on Pearl has continued to grow and develop!  In the two years we have been operating, we have provided the opportunity for a wide range of individuals to discover and demonstrate their strengths as a pathway to securing productive independent employment in the community and becoming a valuable resource to their employers.  Below is a snapshot of our Apprentice Program:

Candidates Assessed: 18
Program Participants: 13
Current Participants: 4 (3 in active job search mode)
Graduates Employed: 8 (1 left job to go to university!)
Average Tenure in Jobs: 12 months
Longest Tenure in Job: 18 months!

Ramble’s goal is to thoroughly prepare our Apprentices for community employment while accessing the strengths and skills that make them uniquely prepared for the positions they enter.  One of Ramble’s fundamental beliefs is the value of self-determination or the process by which an individual dictates his or her own life trajectory. An individual’s time at Ramble provides an opportunity to develop skills, but is also a time for self-exploration and determining what career goals and ambitions each individual may have.  It is especially important that the individuals we serve at Ramble direct their own career development pathway and that Ramble just acts as a facilitator in that process.  We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such self-discovery and helping these individuals secure community employment that fits their individual aspirations.

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