Zachary’s Story

Jun 30, 2017 | Stories

Zachary S apprentice

Within several weeks of his apprenticeship at Ramble on Pearl, Zachary demonstrated his incredible work ethic and desire for autonomy at work. Every day, Zachary would come in and demonstrate through his actions his desire and appreciation for employment. Zachary’s job coach was always able to trust that he was being thorough in all of his tasks and never cutting corners. Zachary quickly became a Master Apprentice and graduated from the program, then he and his job coach began looking for community employment. Zachary’s dream job was working at Target and that is the first place they applied. Zachary got an interview at Super Target of Superior and wore the Target uniform of a red polo and khakis to his interview for a cart attendant position.  He was offered the job the spot!

Zachary ready to go in his Target uniform!

Zachary has excelled in his position at Target. He comes in every day with a great attitude, prepared for his shift. Zachary’s supervisors have noted that Zachary never complains when other employees would about some of the physical demands of being a cart attendant. They also report that he has become efficient at his tasks and is a great example of the work ethic that Target values in its employees. Zachary has also developed great bonds with his his fellow employees. Zachary’s coworkers love seeing him in action and even report that he brightens their days! Zachary has been able to pick up additional shifts and responsibilities due to this work ethic and consistency. Target has ended up being a perfect fit for Zachary and his contribution is incredibly valued there. We’re proud of and excited for you, Zachary!

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