Sean’s Story

Sep 13, 2016 | Stories

Sean started at Ramble in April 2016 and proved himself to be an exceptionally hard worker. Sean always shows up with a great attitude and is always enthusiastic about whatever the day may hold. During his time at Ramble, Sean was our go-to man for anything inventory related, including reconciling purchase orders, stickering and tagging new items and preparing them for placement on the sales floor.

Sean has a plethora of hobbies that keep him busy outside of work. He is a music and movie buff and always has a new recommendation for his coworkers to check out. Sean also loves video games and comics.  In fact, for the last several years, Sean and his mom have volunteered at Denver’s Comic Con!

In August 2016, Sean graduated from the Apprenticeship Program and has since been working at King Soopers in Lafayette 5 days a week! Sean is working as a Courtesy Clerk and is becoming an expert at bagging groceries and providing customer service. Sean always strives to do his best everyday and wants to make King Soopers proud! Sean means business about customer assistance and always makes it his first priority. Sean’s supervisors have time and time again stated that they appreciate what a hard worker he is. Sean’s supervisors can always trust him to do his best and embody all of the qualities that King Soopers wants their employees to exemplify. And it is not just coworkers that appreciate Sean’s hard work. Sean recently got a comment in a customer feedback survey that stated that he did a great job bagging! Sean has settled right into work at King Soopers and is an invaluable asset to their team.

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