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Nov 20, 2018 | Stories

June 2017 Introduction:

Matthew is currently a Master Apprentice at Ramble on Pearl and never fails to brighten up the day with his sense of humor and great outlook. Matt has demonstrated that he has an exceptional inclination for retail and customer service! Customers are consistently impressed with the exceptional level of service they have received from Matt, and he regularly gets comments that he has done a great job or that he was the best part of their shopping experience at Ramble! Matt has an amazing greeting to incoming customers that explains that Ramble on Pearl is a nonprofit store that teaches job skills to adults with developmental disabilities. Customers always respond so positively to Matt’s greeting, and it makes them more inclined to purchase at the store.  Matt is also an exceptional artist, and has done artwork for the chalkboard sign that sits outside the store to attract customers inside.

Matt getting some steaming done at Ramble

Matt getting some steaming done at Ramble

Matt has demonstrated his proficiency in all the tasks that Ramble on Pearl’s Apprenticeship Program wants individuals in the program to achieve. Therefore, he has graduated into the Job Development program, which means that Matt and his job coach are currently looking for independent community employment. Matt’s enjoyment and exceptional skill at customer service make him an ideal candidate for a retail position.  He is specifically interested in Target, Best Buy, or Toys R Us. Matt will undoubtedly proved to be an absolute asset to whatever team he ends up being a part of in community employment!

November 2018 Update:

Matt has now been a member of the stocking team at Target for over a year, and during that time his position and responsibilities greatly expanded! When the store experienced a fire this past summer and needed to completely restock the entire store due to water and smoke damage, Matt stepped up alongside his team and for a short period of time, worked mornings nearly every day of the week. As a result of this hard work, the store was quickly restocked and Matt was thanked for his dedicated team contribution.

Several times over the months, Matt has been recognized by his supervisor in front of his entire team as being vital to the department. We heard Matt was beaming ear to ear as his contribution has been met with applause and cheers. Matt is an incredible example of what an asset Ramble graduates are to community employers!

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