Bryan’s Story

Jan 2, 2017 | Stories

unnamedBryan has always had big dreams of being independent. Upon first entering the Apprenticeship Program at Ramble, Bryan told his job coach that he wants to gain independent employment because he wants to become self-sufficient and be able to support himself. Bryan excitedly explained that he has ambitions of becoming a chef. Being a chef would allow Bryan to do something that he would be passionate about while providing him a way to be more autonomous in his day-to-day life. Bryan eventually wants to have his own apartment, pay his own bills and have a family. Bryan came to Ramble on Pearl understanding that independent community employment will not only allow him to utilize his strengths in a way that makes him feel fulfilled and accomplished, but will also help him attain his other goals like financial self-sufficiency.

Bryan is only a couple years out of high school and during that time, he has explored multiple approaches to achieve his dreams. Bryan was able to grow substantially both professionally and personally as a result of these experiences but ultimately he decided he wanted to utilize additional supports in his quest to achieve all of his aspirations. Since beginning at Ramble, Bryan has made momentous steps in developing professional skills that will aid him in community employment. Bryan excels at being thorough and complete in all of the tasks and he always strives to have exceptional work ethic. Bryan has a great attitude every day and is eager to learn new tasks. His favorite tasks are counting the register during opening procedures, cleaning mirrors and placing Ramble logo stickers on bags. Bryan continues to learn new skills every day and his drive for independent employment is a shining example of Ramble on Pearl’s mission.


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