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Confidence on display at Ramble on Pearl (Harrison, Farrah, and Emily)

At a staff meeting last week we asked ourselves, “What is one thing apprentices get from Ramble that makes us proud?” The first response was, “Confidence!” Over and over, others echoed that answer. We love that apprentices leave here feeling confident and assured in their own abilities. As they contribute to the store, gain more skills on the job, and see evidence of how much they have learned, Ramblers get used to feeling strong and able. 

This past week we had one of our best examples of that confident approach manifest in a job search. One of our apprentices got an interview for an attractive job, and had an opportunity to test her confidence. The hiring manager’s available time slot was exactly wrong for our Ramble coach. Undaunted, the apprentice went ahead, booked it, and did the interview. 

Although that position did not work out, when she got another interview for a job she really wanted, she approached the opportunity with confidence. As her job coach went over some practice questions, she felt even more assured. Although the coach offered to come along as a support, that proved unnecessary. She insisted that she would do the second interview on her own, too. She appreciated the offer of help and support, but she felt like she could do it. She’s got this!

So last Saturday, she went on her own for a second interview for a job she really wanted. As we see it, that’s a victory in itself. 

As you meet your own challenges, approach them with confidence. You got this!

Although this story is not about Cameron’s experience, his letter makes its point.

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