Living on Their Own at 30Pearl

Sep 27, 2021 | News

Here’s an update on how two of our residents are doing at their 30Pearl apartments.

Like many people who need subsidized housing, Claire Leonard has had her share of submitting applications without getting a coveted housing voucher. So when she heard about the project at 30Pearl to offer 20 units (about half) to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), she applied without much hope. “I was so surprised when they emailed and offered me a spot!” she said. “It was pretty fast after that. It was kind of crazy getting everything ready.” Claire moved into the new apartment building in early May this year.

Claire’s friend, Sabrina also moved into 30Pearl along with two other friends making the building a friendly place. Claire often joins The Ramble Collective at their group morning coffee. Everyone in the building is invited and it’s created a fun way to get to know neighbors. Claire and Sabrina both report how happy they are to be living on their own. Claire likes the convenient location. “I can walk anywhere I need-it’s great,” she says.

Sabrina likes being independent and that the bus station and stops are close so she can get to work. “I love being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want!”

Claire’s orange tabby, Dixie, lives with her and so far, it’s going well. “I take her out for a walk every day. I have a harness and use a wagon for when she is done.” The neighbors are getting to know the pair as they explore the neighborhood.

Both women have had a few glitches moving in. Sabrina wasn’t used to an electric stove and had to adjust to the fast cooking speed. “I burned mac and cheese the first time I made it,” she said. “But I figured it out.”

They have also found they are more active than they were living at home with a parent. “I go out for walks every day and use my Wii way more to take care of myself,” Claire shared.

Having friends to go out to lunch or do a Target run is something they both really like. “I love that my best friends are here too,” Sabrina said. “It makes it more fun to have people to go do stuff with.”

Let’s hope the other residents are as happy at 30Pearl as these two are!

This blog post was originally published in the Associaton for Community Living (ACL) newsletter on 9/16/2021.

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