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We love to hear from experienced individuals excited about retail and the unique opportunity to help shape and grow a social enterprise.

Our professional retail staff work alongside and mentor our apprentices while delivering superior customer service to the shopping public. Our apprentices are individuals with developmental disabilities who are participating in an Apprentice Program that provides them with paid on-the-job training, work experience and job placement services as a pathway to securing permanent independent employment in Boulder’s competitive job market.

Current Job Openings

General Manager: Apprentice Program/Retail:

Ramble is looking for an enthusiastic individual excited about the opportunity to help shape a unique social enterprise here in Boulder as it responds to the most challenging of economic circumstances – Covid-19. Due to evolving market conditions, the General Manager will fulfill a hybrid role of managing the day to day operations of both the apprentice program and the retail store nurturing the mission of the organization as well as generating the financial resources that allows the program to thrive through sales at the store. They should have the passion, skills and experience necessary to help individuals with developmental disabilities realize their potential through meaningful, independent work while steering our retail store as it navigates these difficult waters so as to support the financial needs of the organization. As a key member of the leadership team, we will entrust this person to set the tone at Ramble on Pearl as a positive place to learn, work and shop. 

Send a cover letter and resume to jobs@rambleonpearl.com

Field Job Coach:

Ramble is frequently looking for part time field job coaches to join our team with assignments on an ad hoc basis.  Whenever our program graduates secure a job in the community, we send along a coach to help them settle into their new job and support their employer in training their new employee for independence.  Depending on the individual’s needs, this can be 12-20 hours/week and last up to 3 months with a specific work schedule based on the employer’s requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about Ramble on Pearl and the opportunities listed above, please send us your resume along with a cover letter to: jobs@rambleonpearl.com

Ramble on Pearl hosts Boulder Treasures’ Apprentice Program. We teach critical work skills to adults with developmental disabilities through paid on-the-job training, then help them secure permanent employment in the community. While the barriers they confront when seeking employment frustrate our apprentices, they know that they have a lot to offer future employers if they were just given the chance to learn and demonstrate their commitment. Ramble on Pearl was specifically established to provide that opportunity!

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